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For Sale By Owner MLS® Mere Posting Listing Services

Stratten Gates Real Estate Ltd. is a FSBO real estate brokerage that specializes in flat fee MLS® System mere listings on REALTOR.ca.

We provide flat fee MLS® & REALTOR.ca listing services to Canadian homeowners throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, who DO NOT want to enlist the services of a FULL service REALTOR®.

Many sellers are now opting to take control of their own sale. Our cutting-edge For Sale By Owner (FSBO) system allows those sellers to manage the sale in a professional and organized manner, utilizing the MLS® System and unleashing its power to market the property much more successfully - to a much larger audience via our data syndication.

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Listing Syndication Diagram

Listing Syndication System

We syndicate your listing data to multiple websites AND you do the work only once!


  • Unlimited selling time (until it sells)
  • MLS® listing services on multiple networks (INCLUDING REALTOR.ca!)
  • You can cancel anytime - no penalty

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If you would like more information about the For Sale By Owner services provided by the Stratten Gates Real Estate Ltd. brokerage, please contact us directly seven days a week, including holidays.

Call us Toll-Free at 1-800-831-3726 ext 103

Flat Fee MLS Listings in BC Flat Fee MLS Listings in Alberta Flat Fee MLS Listings in Saskatchewan Flat Fee MLS Listing Service in AB, BC & SK


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